Tec4MaaSEs Value Networks

Tec4MaaSEs aims to deploy a network of Digital Twins (DT), equipped with trustworthiness and cognition, to co-operate in a distributed manner within a value network as core enablers of Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) practices. The resulting infrustructure will be customised and instantiated in 3 Value Networks, addressing critical MaaS needs through an enriched set of technologies, services and (technology/ component/ business) frameworks. The three distinct Value Networks include facilities in Turkey, Romania, Spain and Norway among other countries.

Value Network 1: Electronic Boards for White Goods 

Entities: 2 plants supplying electronic cards, 2 plants producing different white goods

Content: Within the VN comprising four factories, each serving the dual role of provider or consumer of Electronic Boards (EBs) for Refrigerators or Washing Machines, the implementation of T4M services will facilitate collaborative optimization, ensuring efficiency and resilience not only during routine operations but also in response to unforeseen disruptions.

Offerings: Efficient handling of inter-plant orders; value chain visibility and accountability

Value Network 2: Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Injection Moulding

Entities: 1 mould supplier, 1 supplier of additive parts, 1 mould user

Content: In the second VN three distinct organizations acting as providers and/or consumers of moulds, spare parts and manufacturing services will collaboratively integrate Additive Manufacturing (AM) services in the manufacturing/preparation of injection moulds and their structural components. This approach will demonstrate on one hand the advantages of AM over traditional machining methods, but will also showcase the application of MaaS as a gateway for introducing a new technology within the industry.

Offerings: Optimized resource selection and service composition; utilization of under-used capacity

Value Network 3: Facilities Construction for the Hydrogen Market

Entities: 1 constructor of hydrogen plants, multiple suppliers of core parts

Content: In this value network an EPC contractor will leverage T4M services to refine and enhance the procurement process for components in large-scale hydrogen facility projects. This strategic use of T4M services aims to facilitate the optimal selection of components from a wide breadth of potential suppliers, tailored specifically to meet requirements, processes and interaction protocols.

Offerings: Syntactic and semantic interoperability; effective supplier selection; faster data interchange; accurate decisions