The Tec4MaaSEs Consortium

A diverse project consortium of 13 partners from 6 countries.

Maggioli S.p.A is one of the main Italian IT companies, with a guiding role for those who operate in Local Public Administrations, offering a broad range of specific, highly professional solutions in several domains (business areas): Information Technology, Services & New Technologies, Publishing, Training and Education, Document Management, and Museums, Art and Culture.

Athens Technology Center (ATC) is a Greek company operating in the ICT industry. Specifically, it designs, provides, and supports innovative integrated solutions, focusing on vertical markets such as industry, media, and banking, as well as horizontal domains such as AI solutions, big data analytics, and custom software development. Throughout its 30-year history, and always with a view to serving the goals of modern businesses and public sector organizations worldwide, the company has successfully delivered tailored business software solutions to at least 16 different sectors in the EU and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region (EMEA| Greece, Cyprus, Germany, France, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey), the United States, and Southeast Asia (SEA| Vietnam, Malaysia). At the same time, it is a strategic partner of the EU for the development of digital tools, while maintaining extensive experience in developing specialized, integrated ICT for nation-wide projects.

ELTRUN is the E-Business Research Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and belongs to the Department of Management Science and Technology. The center was established by Prof. Doukidis in 1994 and currently consists of more than 40 researchers, including 6 members of the academic staff of AUEB and 15 Post-Doc and academic staff of other Institutions. Through the years, ELTRUN has successfully managed to produce state-of-the-art research and to complete more than 40 international research projects some of them funded by the Information Society and Technologies Program of the European Commission. The center is actively involved in commercial projects and executive education programs to solve difficult real-life problems with the support of ICTs, various activities that are intended to increase awareness in the fields of E-Business, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, eCommerce and Big Data. ELTRUN supports scientifically the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin) of AUEB.

Application-oriented research in optronics, system technologies and image exploitation. We focus on creating innovative, customized and functional IT solutions for complex manufacturing processes and networked production ecosystems. For many years, we have been designing, developing and delivering pioneering system solutions for industrial applications, ranging from measurement and control technology to embedded systems and sophisticated production-control, MES and MaaS systems. Our activities are concentrated in the following fields: Industrie 4.0, IT security in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), collaborative human-machine systems, digital twin systems, and customized AI methods (esp. machine learning) for use in manufacturing, assembly and supply chains. Web:

Tekniker is a technology centre specialised in Advanced Manufacturing, Surface & Product Engineering, and ICTs for manufacturing. Its mission is geared towards fostering growth and wellbeing through R&D&I actions aimed at society and enhancing competitiveness in the business fabric in a sustainable manner. Tekniker is a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

From Raw Data to Smart Work!

QMeDAL (Quantitative Methods and Decision Analytics Lab) is the research laboratory of the University of Macedonia (UoM) and facilitates the broader research and educational needs of the Department in the general disciplines of Quantitative Methods and particularly in Applied and Financial Mathematics, Probability and Statistics Theory and Operational Research. The laboratory was approved by the Hellenic Republic in 2017 and consists of teaching, research and other staff serving in the Department of Business Administration and Management of the University of Macedonia, as well as collaborating faculty members or researchers from other departments of the University of Macedonia.

Karel operate in 6 different technology areas; Telecom, Defense Industry, Projects, Automotive and New Technologies. We design, develop and produce many different products and solutions according to customer needs.

Moldes Ura is specialized in the design, feasibility assessment, and manufacturing of plastic injection, rubber injection, die casting, sheet molding compound and resin transfer molds

Advanced design, engineering and manufacturability for a range of industries such as automotive, health, access management, mobility, renewable energies, critical infrastructures, mining and aeronautics.

Aibel builds and maintains platforms and other critical infrastructure for the energy industry