The Tec4MaaSEs Project Governance

The Tec4MaaSEs project is structured across 6 interlinked Work Packages. 

In this Work Package the whole project is coordinated, risk and quality assurance and technical/scientific coordination activities take place.

In this Work Package, the three industrial cases are analyzed, deriving the requirements for the solution implementation and the relevan KPIs for the assessment. Additionally, the objective is to set the foundation of the architecture and the inclusion of horizontal frameworks for sustainable and resilient MaaS.

In this Work Package, based on the requirements outlined in WP2, the goal is to design, implement and test the digital tools that will be made available through the platform and demonstrated in value networks. It will also validate the tools with sample data from the project pilots to deliver ready-to-install software. 

The objectives in this Work Package are to develop data ingestion and cleansing mechanism services, to implement pilot specific dashboards for the operational phase, to implement the Balanced scorecard for sustainability assessment and to integrate the project’s services/tools into a holistic solution.

In this Work Package the mission is to demonstrate the feasibility of Tec4MaaSEs solution in real industrial cases.

The main objective of this Work Package is to maximize project impact with the help of strong dissemination and communication methods.